20 June 2016

'Between The Lines' The Mia Bella' Story...

It is an honor to be featured this week with other 'over 50' bloggers 
on Katherines (Of Katherines Corner fame) 'Between The Lines Blog Series'.
To coincide with this, I thought it would be a great opportunity 
to share a little more to new readers and my wonderful followers.

When did 'Mia Bella Passions' blog begin?
It all began in September 2012.  
I managed to crash my blog twice in the first year whilst learning about widgets, buttons and html.
I also learned very quickly how to resuscitate a crashed blog! 
Thank goodness for bloggers who write about blogging!!!

What does Mia Bella Passions name mean?
Mia Bella is Italian for My Beautiful. (I have italian heritage ). 
And Passions - well I have so many passions for so many things. 
It was just the obvious choice!

Why did I start blogging?
For years several of my friends were always saying 'you should share what you do!'
Then during a very low time in my life of multiple surgeries, when I thought 'I would never work again', I knew I could still create, craft and bake, so that is when I decided to start the blog of sharing!

Who takes the photographs on your blog?
In first few months, my daughter took the photos.
But she moved to a new town for work, so the inevitable happened.
I picked up a camera and have not stopped clicking!
Photography has become a huge passion for me.
I then discovered how to create inspirational quotes...
Yes - you guessed it....yet another passion!

How much time do I spend blogging a week? 
After once thinking I would never work again, I actually work 5 to 6 days a week now.  Blogging is only a small portion of what I do. I'm also a fulltime artist, do photography work, and as well as a bit of volunteering.  
The biggest joy for me as a blogger,  is 'inspiring ' others by spreading love and positivity via art, crafts, DIY, baking, decor design, and beautiful things! 

How would I describe my blogger image?
It's real.  What you see is what you get. 
I am sharing the creative side of my life with my followers.
 I like to keep the personal stuff away from my blog because Mia Bella Passions is all about sharing what I do day to day. 
It's all about the inspiration, positivity and creativity.

And just in case you were wondering - yes - the grey hair is real! I haven't dyed my hair since age 45.
I love red lipstick!  I love 50s fashion! 
Being an individual is very important to me. 
And being 50 certainly does not stop me rocking what I love!

That's a little of the Mia Bella Passions story...
I hope you'll visit with Katherines Corner  'Between The Line Series' to see the answers to this week's questions from myself and the other fabulous 'over 50' bloggers featured.

Visit HERE

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