28 May 2017

Chocolate Monte Carlo Kisses...

I Love Monte Carlo Kisses...

A plain chocolate biscuit

 That morphs into this jam and creamy icing

KISS deliciousness!!!

 To make them pretty I just cut out a paper stencil in a heart shape.

 Place on top of each biscuit...

And sprinkle with icing sugar through a mini sieve.

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22 May 2017

'Like An Angel' By Tracey Lee...

to Tracey Lee Cassin Designer Collection...
'LIKE AN ANGEL' range of pretties...
A statement clutch.
Crafted from genuine leather and canvas.

 A soft sweet pastel coloured scarf.
Gorgeously soft in modal fabric.
(sold out)

And a 'Style Statement' sheer wrap.
(100% polyester)
Wear as a beach coverup. 
Or create your own casual look with jeans, a tee, and flats.
(sorry design sold out but other designs available via link)

via Vida

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20 May 2017

Easy 'Beach' Decor - DIY a Shell Jar...

Beach Style Decor
Bring the beach into your bathroom decor 
with a simple jar of shells or a ball of shells.
Both are very easy to make.
And also a great project for the kids to create for gifts.
Today I am showing you how to DIY the shell jar.
But I'll share how to create the ball further through the post.

Shell Craft
 You will need a selection of shells in various shapes sizes and colours.

 A jar with a lid.
I'll be recycling a coffee jar.
Scrub the jar clean and remove any printed writing with a steel pad and soapy water.

 While the jar is drying,
spread the shells onto newspaper outside in a well ventilated area.

 Spray with a gloss varnish.
This brings out the beautiful colours in the shells.
Leave to dry.

 Put shells of your choice into the jar.
Large first then smaller ones.

Place lid on Jar.

Beach Style Decor
  Tie a raw twine bow at neck of jar.

Beach Style Decor
 And place to display in your bathroom.

Beach Style Decor
Beachy beauty in an instant! 

Beach Style Decor
 To make the ball of shells like this one that is sitting on the French style urn,
all you need is lots of shells, a polystyrene ball in size of choice, a glue gun, and gloss spray varnish.
Step one: glue shells all over the poly ball.
Step two: Remove excess glue strings.
Step three: Spray with clear gloss.
And that is it...
you have created a shell ball.

Beach Style Decor
Which is a perfect decor partner for the Shell jar.

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13 May 2017

An Aquarium In The Decor...

 Have you ever considered incorporating an aquarium in your home decor?
I have discovered the PERFECT small aquarium set up,
 and the PERFECT pet fish to share with you.
Yes you read correctly - Fish.
As in one.

The male Betta which is also known as a Siamese fighting fish is an interesting wee fish with huge personality.
Not only that  - he is BEAUTIFUL!
So while 'Lewis' is having a rest on his leaf bed,
let's talk decor.

This home is a first do upper on a budget. 
The walls which have the original gorgeous textured wallpaper from the 1940s was in superb condition apart from being time yellowed,
 it has been over painted white to freshen. 
The fire brick was grey but for a dramatic touch has been repainted black in semigloss. 
All woodwork in the original rimu simply revarnished.
Carpet black with a dark grey fleck.
Drapes are floor length in grey.

The side door has a simple patterned panel curtain in grey floral.

 The coffee table is wood to compliment the skirtings.
The side board cabinet was a $60 Trade Me purchase,
 which was repainted in Annie Sloan Chalk paint.
The colour is called 'Duck Egg Blue'.
New crystal knobs replaced the originals as several were lost and broken.

Accessories in the decor are pieces the owner loves and has collected over time.  
The artwork was a big influence on colours in this room.

Be a mermaid in a sea full of fish!

 Now back to 'Lewis' the Betta fish.
Betta are extremely characterful.
They know their owners!!!!

 This is Lewis's house.
His aquarium is just the perfect size.
Which means he's an easy to maintain pet.
His decor accessories include his night bed - the inside of the helicopter ornament.
His day bed - the plastic leaf on the upper side of the aquarium.
And some fake coral for exploration games.
Sometimes he has bubbles switched on for a little excitement!

So do consider including a small aquarium 
into the home decor.
I am certain once you have a Betta fish as a pet, 
you will be in LOVE!

But here are a few facts to start with:
They prefer to be solitary.

Colorful Betta
They come in many shapes and colours.

They breathe oxygen from water and air.
The males blow air bubble nests.

All you need to know about the beautiful quirky betta fish,

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6 May 2017

Upcycled Necklace And New Shoes...

This upcycle began with a new pair of shoes...
Try with all my shopping might,
I simply could not find a chunky necklace in a similar colour.

So what does a DIY & UPCYCLE gal do?
DIY & UPCYCLE your own of course!!

Take one old not so pretty chunky chain with heart necklace.

 And one can of bronze tone metallic paint...

And spray - spray - spray!

Voila - one upcycled diy metallic necklace...

to compliment those gorgeous sparkly bronze sneaker shoes!

 I am so happy with my 'NEW' necklace...
wouldn't one be a fabulous Mother's day gift idea?
Use a necklace no longer worn from your jewel box, or source one from the goodwill or dollar store.

And if interested - these shoes were purchased from 
Ezibuy shoe collection.

#DIYjewellery #upcycled #mothersdaygiftidea

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