6 May 2017

Upcycled Necklace And New Shoes...

This upcycle began with a new pair of shoes...
Try with all my shopping might,
I simply could not find a chunky necklace in a similar colour.

So what does a DIY & UPCYCLE gal do?
DIY & UPCYCLE your own of course!!

Take one old not so pretty chunky chain with heart necklace.

 And one can of bronze tone metallic paint...

And spray - spray - spray!

Voila - one upcycled diy metallic necklace...

to compliment those gorgeous sparkly bronze sneaker shoes!

 I am so happy with my 'NEW' necklace...
wouldn't one be a fabulous Mother's day gift idea?
Use a necklace no longer worn from your jewel box, or source one from the goodwill or dollar store.

And if interested - these shoes were purchased from 
Ezibuy shoe collection.

#DIYjewellery #upcycled #mothersdaygiftidea

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