20 February 2018

DIY Upcycled Headboard and Beautiful Art!

I wanted to show y'all this upcycled headboard... 
Chalk paint
And this beautiful new artwork print.

My daughter was in need of a new headboard for a queen size bed,
I searched what was available from stores in my town.
The result was:
Don't like that...
Nice but won't suit the décor style...
perfect but too expensive!
Next was an online search...
and there was soooooooo many to choose from.
But most were way out of my price range,
or the freight charges to my tiny township were exorbitant!
SO that left the DIY upcycle option...
And that is exactly what happened.
I came across a damaged modern country style pine headboard.
With a little bartering I managed to acquire it for just $60.

 The broken end knobs were removed and wood sealed.
Then the entire headboard was sanded.

And then two coats of chalk paint in pure white was applied.
Once dry it was waxed.

And here it is attached to the queen size bed.

upcycled headboard
A string of battery operated fairy lights were twisted around it...
A gals just gotta have pretty!

And here is a closeup of a Tabatha Forbes print.
Isn't it beautiful?
This artwork is from Tabatha's 'Ei Katu' collection.
(You can read about this and her other projects HERE.)
This limited Edition print was chosen as a memorial piece to the 'Little White Dog - Gracie'
who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in October last year.
Beautiful flowers for a beautiful dog in lei form which in the Pacific Island of Rarotonga is worn to celebrate.
We celebrate our memories of Gracie.
Also Tabatha has connections to Rarotonga, as we also do, 
with many fond times spent there.
That is why this beautiful art seemed all the more perfect!

 As this artwork is the focal point of the room,
 the decor pieces were selected to compliment it.

Softs greys, whites, pastel pinks and sage greens.

With a pop of bright colours too.

And flowers...in brights,

 And soft pink hues.
This room with it's new artwork , decor pieces, and headboard 
is soft and welcoming...
everything my daughter wished for!

#diy #headboard #pastels #upcycled #pinks #bedroom #decor


  1. Its cute! The lights strung around it are just lovely.

  2. so very pretty, love the look
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  3. That is one beautiful headboard Tracey and you know I can really appreciate an upcycle like that. I found a headboard the other day, bought it home and realized it was the wrong size. Sigh. Your daughters room is beautiful and I am sorry to hear about your sweet Gracie.


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