9 February 2018

'The Grid' DIY Tea Towel Cushion... ❥

Tea towels come in so many fun fabrics and designs...
Sometimes it seems a shame to use them for drying the dishes, 
as they are so pretty!
 'The Graphic Grid' comes and goes in interior decor and design...
and is usually found in minimal or modern style homes.
What is Graphic grid?
It means a graph like fine line or a thicker line on a plain background.
Designers suggest it is best to mix graphic grid decor accessories
 with pops of colour to a modern or minimal styling for best effect.
So of course I asked myself - how can I add a little graphic grid to my mixed French/DIY/Country style of decor?
The answer was to do a little stitchery magic 
and create a 'Grid' inspired cushion.

Using top quality cotton TEA TOWELS!
Purchased on sale for $7 each.

And then add a bit of whimsy with some crochet cotton lace and buttons.

All I did was find an easy envelope pillow pattern on the net.
I used this one from 'The Sewing Loft'.

It took just half an hour to whip up.

Because my insert cushion was a rectangle shape, it created a seam right on the front.

This is where I added the lace and buttons.
These were stitched on before the side seams were sewn.

I think adding lace to this Grid Pillow has broken all design rules...

Tea Towel upcycle
But for me the addition of the 'Graphic Grid' with whimsy
is a plus to my multi style decor!
I'm loving it!

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  1. I love your version of Graphic Grid pillow. I think the lace was a great addition. Hope you stop by Thursday Favorite Things tomorrow since you are one of my features.

    1. Thanks Bev - I'm no minimalist LOL so it had to have lace and buttons. :)

  2. SO pretty! Thank you for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things. I will be featuring you tomorrow at the party!


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