6 February 2018

Table Decor: Succulents Of Course!

After all the Christmas and New Year Bling was packed away my coffee table was left empty...
What does one do about that?
Create an indoor decor succulent bowl of course!

I had an old bonsai planter in the garden shed.
Don't you just love the shape of this planter?

Even though the carpet in the room this succulent planter is going is green,
I decided to freshen it up and paint it white.

I used Rust-Oleum spray paint because it is my favourite.
For coverage , easy use and of course the long lasting wear factor.

If you make this decor succulent planter for outdoors,
DON'T plug the holes as I have done here.
Leave them open for drainage.
Because I did not want water leakage on to my indoor coffee table,
I blocked the holes.
The other way is to simply place the planter with unblocked holes onto a small tray to protect the table and runner on it.

I potted up my cute selection of succulents.

Succulents in home decor
 Then placed tiny aquarium stones around the plant.

To the table top I placed the decor succulent bowl and contrasting pieces 
- a vintage book stack and a beach found shell.
This table gets full afternoon sun, 
but I will still pop the succulents outside in direct sun once a week to help maintain their health.

The vintage book stack picks up all the colours in the succulents and stones,
and the shell the white of the planter.
Fresh, gorgeous, vintage, nature and beachy -
which completely ticks all the boxes for me!

You'll find the instructions on how to create the vintage book stack HERE.

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  1. Do you use sand for soil? How do you water them with no way way to drain? Thank you in advance

    1. I used a cacti pre mix potting mix. Watering weekly is via a drink bottle and only a little water put around each succulent. The water is absorbed into the soil. The secret to succulents is not to overwater as you will then have rot and mildew problems. This idea is a temporary (as in a few months) indoor planter as the plants do outgrow this situation and then you plant outdoors in the garden. Hope that helps.


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