12 June 2019

Arty Painted By Sharpie Rocks...

Painted Rocks
'Arty Painted By Sharpie Rocks' is an easy decor 'pick me up' idea, 
that is also a great school holiday project for the kids.
Super easy to create.
The design can be as simple or as complicated as you like.
You can use simple shapes or line art images.
For ideas - Google 'simple black and white line art images'.
For this project, I used three designs.
A simple twig, tiny daisy flowers and a more tricky - rose. 

You will need some clean dry flat rocks.

Paint the rocks using a prime and paint spraypaint like Rustoleum white gloss.

Leave rocks to dry for at least one hour before the next step.

Once the painted rocks are dry, you can draw your design in pencil first onto your rock, and then go over the outlines in black sharpie pen.

Or you can freehand draw your design.
If rocks will be indoors leave as is...but to put outside you will need to put at least two coats of sealer or varnish over the paint and design.

Black and white craft
I have used mine inside on a side table as funky arty decor accessories.

Rather fun, don't you think?

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