21 August 2020

Celebrate Purple And Mauve!

Canvas Print

'Mist Star'


Perfect pops of colour for decor accents.

Purple and aqua look stunning together as an accent colour.

Here are a few ideas for some purple inspired wall art.

I've shown canvas images here today,

but these are also available framed under glass if you prefer that.

But artwork and photography images presented on canvas has become a popular choice, due to the fact they're modern and durable.

There are no glare and reflection issues you have with glass either.

Canvas Print

'Forest Soldiers'

Clematis Flower

'Purple Clematis'

Purple Pansy

'Purple Pansy'

Fuchsia Art Prints

'Textured Fuchsias'


A jewel colour.

A colour that gives the decor a little bit of WOW!


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  1. Gorgeous art, love the pansy in particular. I too love purple and aqua together, it has been a long time favourite combination
    Stay safe


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