30 August 2020

A Snippet Of Teacup History...

Teacup History
The history of the humble teacup dates back thousands of years.
The first vessels shipped to European countries were without handles.
They were small hand-formed and bowl-like.
Tea vessels as they were known were shipped from China and Japan in the 17th century.
Tea drunk from these vessels was warm, not hot, so holding the vessels was not a problem.
The first Europen imitations also without handles were made at Meissen in Germany using hard-paste porcelain. 
The handle on the teacup, also a German invention, with designs as early as 1707.
The handle developed on the cup due to the fact the English preferred to drink tea hot.
The saucers first role in early European times was to pour tea onto it to cool then drink from.
The saucer later evolved as a cup placement vessel when handles were added to cups.
Teacups have over the centuries been loved both by tea drinkers and teacup collectors.

Mia Bella Passions Blog
In the 21st century, they are used not only for tea drinking, but as home decor accessories, candles, jewellery holders, and vases for mini posies or a little bunch of one flower type.

Mia Bella Passions Blog
How many of us acquired a teacup and saucer or if so lucky, a tea set from Grandmas collection.
My brother gifted an antique teacup and saucer as my 21st birthday gift.
And even though I am no longer actively collecting, the teacups and sets that I do have are used. 

Flower Flat Lay
For tea drinking and tea parties and in my home decor.

You may like this teacup craft idea.
Instructions HERE.

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