6 December 2020

Lego and Animals Christmas Style Inspiration


Lego Christmas

I wanted to share with y'all my daughters cute animal tree, 

and her Christmas lego creations.

Christmas Lego

No one in my family has styled Christmas decor in the usual way this year.

Christmas Decor

We have all approached it in different ways.

And this is April's Christmas styling.

Christmas Decor

A simple branch tree in white.

Metal Ball Bells (via Ezibuy)


Fairy lights.


Animal decorations by EZIBUY. 

Lego Gingerbread House

She has built Christmas themed lego over the previous months to compliment her display. 

How cool!

         Lego Christmas

I love these Lego Christmas themed buildings.  

            Lego Christmas Lego Christmas

They even have light up and opening bits.

Lego Christmas

So much fun even for the 'big' kids.

Lego Christmas

I think she's aiming for a Lego-themed Christmas table display on a grander scale next holiday season.

Lego Christmas

This is just the beginning of something fun to come.

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