20 September 2022

Halloween Cork Bats

Halloween Craft 
Halloween cork bats are terribly cute!

And terribly easy to create!

You Will Need:

All you need are corks. (approximately 2inches in size).

Black felt.

Craft twine.

Black and white acrylic paint.

A paintbrush.


Hot glue gun.

Halloween Craft

I'm making 12 'terribly cute bats'.

With the thought on Halloween to gift away a bat to the little people trick or treaters.

To Make:

Halloween Template

Copy-paste-print the pattern sheet.

Halloween Craft

Pin pattern onto black felt (or freehand cut if you are confident) and cut out a set of wings for each bat.

Then the ears for each bat.

The Next Step:

Halloween Craft

Using a hot glue gun.

Halloween Craft

Glue ears onto cork.

Halloween Craft

Then the wings.

Halloween Craft

Paint white circles of for the eyes.

(Dry with a hairdryer for fast drying)

(You could also use small-size plastic boggle craft eyes instead of painting them.)

Halloween Craft

Then paint the black pupil onto the eye.

(Dry again with a hairdryer).

Halloween CraftHalloween Craft

Glue on a (twine or ribbon)hanger to the bottom of the bat.

Then display it on a raw branch in a vase.

You could paint the branch orange, black or white.

But I have left mine naturally raw.

Halloween Bats

Add to your Halloween display as a table centerpiece, to decorate your trick or treat table or on your sideboard.

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