26 January 2015

Valentine Vanilla Berry Cupcakes...

Looking visually stunning in red and white...
These Valentine vanilla berry cupcakes are an easy to make 
delicious to devour Valentines Day treat!
Topped with delicious fresh strawberries and raspberries,
this is one advantage of living in the Southern hemisphere at this time of year,
as summer berries are abundant.
Using a red valentine style cupcake case,
whip up your favourite vanilla cupcakes,
bake and then...
 Ice with vanilla icing...
Top with berries...
Dress your table with a homemade red satin table cloth....
and it simply shouts 'Be my Valentine' !



  1. These are so cute and look so yummy! Thank you for sharing on Show Me Saturday! Pinning!

  2. So pretty! Stopping by from Nifty Thrifty Sunday and pinning to Pinterest!


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