20 March 2015

Upcycle Boring Old Baskets With Paint & Knobs....

Oh how I lOVE spray paint!
What would we do without it?
Dull and boring is transformed in a moment!
And that is exactly what happened to these baskets.
I gave them a quick coat of white...
Keeping the coverage a little lighter so that some basket colour pops through.
Add some knobs for a bit of interest...
These are more for looks than being of practical use
Oh how I have always adored these shabby old knobs...
They have been on the shelf in the 'might have a use one day' box!
And finally...
They have been repurposed...
as decorative knobs on the fronts of the painted baskets.
Total transformation time - AN HOUR!
(Thankful for the lovely sunshine and hot Autumn day!)
Dull, boring baskets painted up...
now pretty in white, with added shabby knob glory,
 making a 'look at me' shelf statement!

#basket #upcycle #diy #paint #knobs


  1. Great idea! Love the look of that beautiful knob on the basket!!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! Pinning!

  2. Funniest thing is I have had those shabby knobs in my stash for years, nearly threw them away 6 months ago, then suddenly had a use for them!!

  3. Bellissima idea, facile da realizzare, il risultato mi piace moltissimo!

  4. What a fun transformation! Baskets are great for easy spray paint makeovers, & those knobs are the perfect addition.

  5. Love a basket with some bling!


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