3 April 2015

A Little Shabby Mirror - Painted & Repurposed....

Take one little shabby mirror...
whose life purpose had been as wall décor in Mia Bella Passions homestead.
Then it became a mirror for the ring-neck parrot in his aviary for a long while,
 was eventually returned to the back porch - 
to the original wall décor status for quite some time more,
only then to be hidden away in a cupboard for many, many years!
But I have always been fond of this shabby little mirror...
I remember painting it blue...
Did I tell you I embraced the blue and yellow era with vengeance!
The house still has hints of it...eeeekkkk!
It never ceases to amaze me how personal taste in décor and styling evolves.
But this little shabby mirror has got a much needed facelift...
First a clean in soapy water...
once dry a touch up with paint.
I simply used a brush to paint on the creamy white colour, using the dry brush method.
A shabby chic slightly rustic kind of look to the finish was what I was after, 
and it turned out fabulously...
New look - new life!
This little shabby mirror has been painted, 
and is now repurposed as a mirror tray on the coffee table.  
The scroll detail compliments the candle holder nicely.
 A simple and sweet décor piece!


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