29 October 2015

Sia Series Painting #6...

This is painting number six in the Sia series.
(Two more paintings to do to complete this series)
Sia's album 1000 Forms Of Fear is the inspiration for this painting, 
of whose title has been taken from the lyric line -
 'Tears Fall To The Beat'.
This is in oils on canvas.

27 October 2015

Beachy Tin Can Christmas Wreath....

It's time to think Christmas!
(well for some it is - LOL)
So I thought I would create a new tin can wreath.
Last years tin can Christmas wreath was the most imperfect creation EVER....but you all still LOVED it.
It was UNBELIEVABLE the said DISASTER Christmas Wreath went VIRAL!! 
But it did!
Find out all about that here: 

I have been thinking for many, many months about a new design...
one that might actually be a round shape not an oval!
Meet the 2015 tin can wreath design...

To create the 'Beachy Tin Can Christmas Wreath':

You will need 9 tin cans.
Shanti-Rose decided she would help with can selection from the basket!
Leave cans as is or paint them with spray paint.
I wanted mine rustic looking, so have left them as is.
The cans are starting to develop a nice little rusty patina and I like that.
Using an old screwdriver, punch a hole in the end of each tin.
Thread rope through each hole and create a circle of tins.
I used rope not wire for the beachy look.
Now this is where I got into a whole lot of trouble last year, as try as I might, those cans created an oval, and no way were they staying in a circle.
Glue gun glue just wasn't strong enough for the weight of the cans.
Nails are secret weapon number 1...
Pop a thin nail through the cans where they connected as shown.
Then put a drop of Superglue (secret weapon number 2) on each nail head so it drips through the hole.
To make it even stronger, I dolloped a little more 'Glues anything' glue where each can connected. (Weldbond is the best glue EVER and is secret weapon number 3!)
Then I left it for 24 hours to dry.
I used small pieces of driftwood and pumice from my 'beachy bits' collection.
These were glued on using the glue's anything glue, 
and once more left 24 hours to dry.
 I decided it needed a focal point so added a dried starfish using a gluegun.
Finally the rope ends were looped and bound with thin wire to make the hanger.
And the end result is this very cool rustic Beachy Tin Can Christmas Wreath.
I think it will look even better once the cans get more of a rustic, rusty patina!
The Beachy Tin Can Christmas Wreath is PERFECT for my near the beach home!
Maybe I should take the 'Chrsitmas' out of the title...
 because this wreath is fabulous for any time of the year, don't ya think?

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25 October 2015

Live The Dream...

It is a glorious time of year for photography,
the springtime light is beautiful here in New Zealand!
Purple 3D Heart
This gorgeous geranium shot was simply shouting for a quote...

Free to print for personal use...

24 October 2015

Create, Inspire, Love #8


 Welcome to 
Create, Inspire, Love

Once a month Mia Bella Passions will select something to share, from another blog or website....
It may be: 
Create: DIY, upcycling, craft, or baking. 
Inspire: Art, a quote or inspirational message.
Love: Or something I think you will love.

Today's Favourite is: 
Mini Chalkboards from Katrin at 'Kreative K'

Mini chalkboards DIY

Create and individualise your own mini chalkboard gallery.
Katrin's is based on fall and Halloween, 
but you can create mini boards for any occasion just by changing the chalk written message or design!

Fall home 1 Hallway full

 I love the way the two coloured frames  add a pop of colour and interest to the display.
(Katrin used fall postcards - but you could use patterned paper, wallpaper or your own painted artistic creations).
Find out how to do this DIY here at:  'Kreative K'

Time to get creating...

 Feel free to copy the link & the 'I was featured Button' 

Feather Dreams...

Last night I had a dream of this painting...
and today it became a reality!
Not quite finished, but I thought you might like a little preview.
Moody darks and a soft floaty feather in aquas.
Oh how I adore that colour !

21 October 2015


In love with the ocean...
That's why I live by the sea!
Right now I am enjoying painting seascapes... 
There's just something that is completely soul soothing about painting water.

19 October 2015

The Grey French Bedroom...

The Grey French bedroom...
with grey and white floral wallpaper...
                           and a shabby white linen shaded bedside lamp...
The ornate chest of drawers has intricate handles...
Arabella thinks it is the perfect spot for a little cat sun worshipping...
Next to the little wooden owl.
And the potted orchid.
Here's a close up of the details on the chest.
This cushion is from Harvey Norman.
I wanted to bring in a pop of citrus and pink...
Which carries through  with the rose quartz rock, and the citrus coloured jar candle.
Loving the neutral jewellery box as contrast...
The throw (also from Harvey Norman) is a bright citrus handknit with knotted tassles...
Though it is very bright...
                                   it looks fabulous with the grey, neutrals and pink.

The bed linen is in crisp white with lace detailing...
                                      A shabby white painted metal heart hangs on a pink ribbon...              
There is a positive quote or two in the room too.    :)
The Grey French Bedroom is a calming pretty space...
the citrus can easily be changed to another colour later on, 
without to much expense when a zizz of new is desired.

13 October 2015

A Little Personal Art History...

I thought I would share this fabulous and very old painting with you...
It is a fruit study painted in 1922.
 The artist Vera Edridge aged 14, 
won first prize at the Nelson Provincial Apple Show!
 Don't you just ADORE this gorgeous old gilt frame?
 Maybe a little tired just like the painting it frames...
 But gorgeous in it's aged shabbiness.
This painting has pride of place in my art studio...

It was painted by my Grandmother.
She went on to paint the glass advertising slides at a Nelson Cinema.
Isn't it a funny thing...
I previously worked in advertising and I'm an artist!

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