31 January 2016

'Wings' - An Artistic Quote...

A quote for the artists and creatives...

30 January 2016

The Artistic Apparel Story...

My love of art and fashion began as a small child.
My mother would draw female figures wearing 50's inspired dresses.
I would colour and decorate them.
When older - I filled my spare time with the drawings,
 that she had shown me with so much love how to create.
This expanded into other artistic aspects.
So you can understand how excited this artsy fashionista was to be approached
 by Vida to become part of their Artistic Design Team...
To combine art and fashion is simply a dream come true.
And I am truly humbled by this opportunity.

Vida are:
Forward thinking and innovative, manufacture on demand, 
support their workers with a sustainable living wage, and a literacy programme.
Vida designers are artists who specialise in all fields, sculptors, photographers, and textile designers. 
This gives them freedom to design while Vida take care of all the production and sales.

28 January 2016

Microwave Lemon Honey...

What do you call it?
Lemon Butter?
Lemon Honey?
Lemon Curd?
These days the recipes are all very similar.
I call it Lemon Honey.
Some call it butter, others curd.

But did you know that Lemon curd originally dates back to England in the 1800's.
And it was NOTHING like our modern version.
In fact Lemon Curd was exactly that - a curd!
Lemon acid was added to cream and left to form curds.
The whey was then drained off through a cheesecloth.
EWWWWW....I bet that was so tart tasting.
Not at all tangy, creamy, sweet and delicious like this recipe is.

So matter what you call it,
(I'm calling it Lemon Honey, because that's what Grandma called it),
let's make an even more modern version of it by using a microwave to cook it.

This recipe makes about 4 cups of Lemon Honey. I used a 1100w microwave.
(Adjust the times to the power of your microwave.)

In a glass bowl, place:
1 cup lemon juice
150 grams cubed salted butter.
Microwave on high for 1 & 1/2 minutes.
Add 2 & 1/2 cups sugar.
Stir to dissolve sugar for a few minutes.
If desired - Add 2 teaspoons lemon rind that's finely grated.
Add 8 eggs that have been lightly beaten.  Whisk well.
Cook on high for 5 minutes.
Whisk for one minute.
Microwave on high again for 2 minutes.
Whisk for two or three minutes.
If you prefer a thicker consistency, microwave another 2 minutes.
Whisk again.
Place into sterilised jars and seal.

Lemon Honey
You'll find the printable recipe HERE.

#microwave #preserves #lemonhoney #homemade

26 January 2016

HOW TO: STOP Hydrangeas Wilting As A Cut Flower...

Do you LOVE hydrangeas ?
Do you pick them for a cut flower, pop them in a vase and within a few hours or days they have wilted?
Today I'm sharing a few simple secrets on how to prepare hydrangeas for a longer vase life.

As you know I have the KISS thing a happening...
( it means 'Keep it simple stupid'!)
I dislike complicated with a vengeance...
So when it comes to hydrangeas...
this is my simple way to ensure a longer vase life,
it actually works!

What you do is:
Pick your flowers early morning. (cool time of day)

Fill up your tub or sink with cold water.

Place the picked stems into the water.

Soak for two hours.


Place stem on a board and whack with a hammer.

TIP: If you do this with all woody stems - chrysanthemums, foliage,etc
they will last much longer in the vase.

Place immediately into a vase of water.
Arrange your flowers as desired.


This Vase of hydrangeas is in my hallway with Mr Cat.

Have water level as high as possible to the top of the vase.

Change water every two or three days.



And still smelling gorgeous.

I kid you not...The flowers have lost the purple hue...
And are now very blue!
There is a little yellowing of the leaves.
And the tips of some of they flowers are spotting brown.
But they still look GREAT...
and they still smell lovely!
This 'KISS' Hydrangea picking technique is a forever more keeper,
as it sure beats the 2 hours or days vase life.
I simply ADORE HYDRANGEAS, don't you?

#hydrangeas #stophydrangeawilting

24 January 2016

6 Heart Projects For Valentine's Day...

 Create a rustic driftwood heart
Paint the background red if you prefer.

Make some sweet heart cupcakes...

 Create a stenciled heart mat...

 Make an aromatic Rosemary Heart Wreath...

 A shabby chic heart using dried hydrangea...

Valentines Hearts
Or some delicious almond shortbread hearts...

A hopeless romantic or not...
I'm sure you will enjoy these fun & delicious projects. 

#valentines #valentinebaking #valentinecraft

23 January 2016

Ocean blues...

I live by the sea...
I love the beach...
There is nothing more soothing to the soul - 
than the ocean, sand and the sound of waves.
I think that is why painting the ocean is a love of mine.
This painting is called 'Submersion'.
Painted in oils it is a gift for my son who is a free diver.
If you would like to see the beach on my doorstep, visit the link to  Ohope Beach.

21 January 2016

Lemon Blueberry Loaf...

 Think 'old fashioned maderia cake' with pops of blueberry
That would be the only way to describe this Lemon and blueberry loaf.

Dribble lemon icing on top
 And you have one taste bud tantalising loaf!
Get the recipe HERE.

19 January 2016

DIY Pallet & Mason Jar Organiser...

So this is what happened...
 when one moves the hand towel hook in the bathroom to a new position, 
(because you have found the perfect storage shelf for the teeny tiny little gap!)
This would not be a problem if:
You had spare wallpaper...spare paint for patch ups...and the gloss anti mold seal.
(Now that is a lesson if you pay someone else to do the painting -
 make sure they leave you the leftovers!!!)
This created a how will I cover that hole dilemma in the blue bathroom.
Soooo...(and thank goodness for Pinterest)
I found the perfect solution!
A DIY Mason Jar Organiser...
which I attached to pallet wood for a super rustic look.
 They are really quite simple to make: 
Measure wood to desired size.
 Cut wood.
  Paint wood or age it.
I used a grey as a base colour...
as I wanted a rustic look that would match the concrete exposed stone lino floor in this bathroom.
 Then dry brushed white paint over the top.
PVA glue the middle of the two pieces of wood.
Turn over and nail three staples to hold together.
Using an electric drill and a small bit,
drill the last slot on the clamp into a round big enough for your nail to go through.
 The hose clamps were $7.50 each (sourced from Bunnings).
Measure and mark on the wood where the top of the clamps will sit.
Nail into position.
 The short mason jars were from Briscoes,
 and had 40% off this price.
Attach wood to wall and then add your jars.
These jars are fab storage for makeup brushes,
but you could use the jar organiser idea anywhere in the home decor, 
to hold all sorts of things. 

#masonjar #bathroom #organiser #diy

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