8 July 2018

Cute Heart Winter Handwarmers...❥

Felt Heart
These wee gems are great for keeping the hands warm in Winter.
I made these for my Grandchildren and their mum to help keep their fingers toasty while watching soccer games from the sideline.

All you need is:
Some white beans
A heart template  
 Sewing machine

Cut out the heart template.
 Use this one or a any heart template from the web.

Place on the felt and draw around the outline with the pencil onto the felt.

Cut 2 hearts per hand warmer.

 Stitch in an overlock type stitch with a sewing machine around the heart leaving an opening.

You'll need a bag of white beans to fill the hearts.

Place beans in a small plastic bag and snip corner.

Place snipped corner into the heart and 3/4 fill will beans.

Stitch up the opening using the sewing machine.

To heat:

Place a small cup of water in microwave.
Place heart beside it on the turntable.
Heart for 23 seconds.
(my microwave is 1100w power)
Place into your pocket.

Felt Heart

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  1. These are SO cute but omg let's not talk about winter yet eek! Thanks for sharing with us at the To Grandma's House we go link party!

    1. LOL Tarahlynn...and here is me in the midst of winter looking at all those glorious summery delights on 'To Grandmas House We Go' ever so wishful Spring would hurry along to New Zealand.


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