24 January 2018

Romantic Repurposed Poetry...

Repurposed Poetry is usually done with the words blocked out with ink pen scribbles...
But today I'll show you a different technique using watercolour paint.

Why not add your sweet repurposed poem to your Valentine Gift...
Or use your creation as a decor decoration.
Here's how to create one:

This poem is one of many free ones found on the internet.
Have a search and find a love poem that you like.
Print it on A4 size paper.

Read through the poem and black out with watercolour paint the words you don't want anymore.
I used black paint, but you can use any colour you like.

 Then add a flower.
And some hearts around the entire poem...
If you are not confident to paint, just find flowers and hearts to print off the internet to collage with glue onto the paper.
 Even with the adaption it is still a beautiful poem.

It now reads:

The Passion Flower

The hour Love lies down
with folded wings;
His fatal arrows flings.
Not a word is heard,
only from the bridal bird
in darkness sings.
Sweet music,
soft and clear -
'Love is here!'
The moon,
bright spells and hope,
gone to dream of pleasures - asleep.
Now smile;
forgetting grief,
to stars or pale moonlight.
'What beauty can the day bestow?'
Turn and tell me - for the day.
And now comes back,
Love - 
sighing like the winds 'mongst evening flowers.

Roll and tie with a ribbon to gift,
or frame and  use in your Valentines decor.

#valentine #valentinecrafts 

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