12 November 2014

Music Sheet Angels Wings Just for Christmas...

Preparation for Christmas is in full swing,
so I today I thought I would share these wee darlings...
Music sheet Angel wings!
You could use them anytime of year on any project,
but mine will decorate a Christmas tree...
But they would look super cute on a wreath, don't ya think?
The first thing to do is print some old music sheets on card or paper.

and then print on card.

Cut the template outline out.

Use this to trace the wings outline onto the sheets of music...

Cut them out...
I left some of the black outline showing as I think this adds a little interest.
 Then punch a hole in the top.
Thread with a little string or ribbon.
Music sheet angel wings...
Perfect for decorating your Christmas tree,
parcels, wreaths or homemade gifts.

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