10 May 2015

Choc Chip Eskimo Kisses...

Ok folks here is another super sweet goody for ya all to indulge yourself with...
Vanilla icecream, sandwiched between rich chocolate chip biscuits.
When I was a child you could buy an icecream called an 'Eskimo Pie',
 so these are my take on those delicious icecreams,
and that is why I have called them Eskimo Kisses.
So Moorish!
Pop over here for the printable recipe:
 Oozing with ice cream...the kids will love eating these for sure.
 My vintage love affair continues too...
with this old Rosa print.
 I bought this to upcycle the frame, 
then fell in love with the frame and print, age spots and all!
I do hope you enjoy the Choc Chip Eskimo Kisses....
which I am sure you will!



  1. I remember eskimo pies, yum!
    These look delicious Tracey.
    Thanks for joining in our fabulous Foodie Friday Fun!
    have a great week ahead!

  2. Thank you Dannielle from Zamamabakes :)


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