21 May 2015

Repurposed Bottle - Let's Paint It GOLD...

 The other day I was rinsing this empty Midori bottle to put out in the recycling...
And as I was washing it, 
thought - YOU really ARE quite a BEAUTIFUL bottle!
 And that's when I decided to repurpose this BEAUTIFUL bottle into a vase!
With the idea of painting the untextured glass top GOLD.
So off came the labels...
and all that icky sticky glue residue.
(Jiff cleaner is fabulous for this task.)
 It was placed in a sunny spot to dry thoroughly.
 The textured glass was masked off like this...
And the first of two coats of gold paint applied.
 I used White Knight 'Super Gold paint'.
(Available at Bunnings).
 So after two coats and being left to dry overnight, the masking tape was removed...
 To reveal a nice crisp line between the now smooth gold and textured glass.
I'm currently adding metallic accents in gold to the red sitting room,
and I LOVE how this accentuates the gold in the vintage glass dish, and painted gold frames.
Not only does it add some needed height to this table vignette...
The repurposed bottle painted gold is perfection with it's single stem of flowers.

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  1. Wow - this is really pretty! Thanks for sharing on the Pretty Pintastic Party :)


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