25 May 2015

DIY Button Light Shade...

The office makeover was completed some time ago now...
 And it looked fabulous...
But one thing was missing.  A light shade on the lonesome bulb!
It has taken forever to decide on what was right for this tiny room.
Fractured light was not an option...so I chose a simple linen shade.
 I had used buttons in the officescape....
to make sweet little pin tacks.
Pop over here to learn how to create them:
So I thought...
why not embellish the plain linen shade with buttons. 
 I kept the colour scheme neutral, using white toned buttons.
 And with the trusty glue gun...
(next to my drop saw this would be one of my most vital tools!)
 Attached the buttons in rows around the bottom of the shade.
     Then randomly added a few to the third layer.
Buttons in various sizes...
Adding a little pizazz to an otherwise dull plain light shade...
It fits in perfectly with my button accented office space.

#lightshade #diy #buttons 

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  1. I love it! I may have to do the same in the craft/sewing room!

  2. Lovely.Then a sponging of paint could be added. Reminded me of my wall art project using buttons as flowers


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