31 May 2015

The French Shabby Chair Makeover...

Having acquired this fab wee French inspired metal stool, 
the big debate was...to paint or not to paint!
Is the metal too shabby in all it's rusty marked glory?
I decided no it is not.
There is just something about the time worn patina of aged metal that I love.
So the metalwork shabby look remains.
 I found a remnant of the most gorgeous fabric, which is called 'Paradiso' in Cobalt by Charles Parsens.
For the local followers you can source this from Peter Clark Interiors.
And this covered the very shabby and just can't keep it original seat cover!
It looks AMAZING.
(Gleeful happy dance in progress behind the camera!)
Gracie really doesn't care at all because it is nap time you know!
But I am in shabby love....
I just can't decide which I love the most, that divine fabric or the chair!
Both I think...

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