10 June 2015

How To Make a Pallet Picture - For Signs, Art or Crafts...

 Making a pallet board base for signs, art or crafts is not difficult to do...
You will need:  some lengths of pallet wood, ruler, marker pen, saw or drop saw, and a hammer.
 Remove any nails in the pallet wood.
 Make the desired length of you sign or picture.
This one is going to be 60cm long.
 Cut pallets (I used a drop saw)...
 you will need three lengths at the desired measurement.
Next you need backing support to hold the lengths in place.
 Cut two back supports the width off the three boards as shown.
 Nail the support boards in place.
If you want a hanger - add this now.
A clip hanger on the back or rope/chain on the top.
 And that is it:  Ready for your pallet creation...
Shell artworks are great fun for the older children to make.
(Remember glue gun safety when doing this project).
 Sketch in pencil a simple outline shape - a butterfly, star, heart, anchor or upper case alphabet letter.
We chose a butterfly shape.
shell craft
 Glue various shells inside the shape.
Now that's a fun picture, to add a little summer to Mia Bella's winter porch!


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