30 July 2015

Bush Beauty...

The latest from the art studio...
Bush Beauty.
New Zealand Contemporary Artists
Oils with ink detailing on canvas.
LOVING the colours of this piece!

#New Zealand Contemporary Artists

22 July 2015

NEW Photographic Images FREE to Print...


These images are for personal use only - copyright applies.
Use as a home computer screensaver, for card making, 
to print and frame for your home décor, or for a gift.

16 July 2015

Your Melody's An Art - Sneek Peek...

A sneek peek of the painting called 'Your Melody's An Art.'
This series of painting was inspired by the lyrics of Sia and her album '1000 Forms of Fear'.

15 July 2015

Walnut Peach Meringue Torte...

Walnut Peach Meringue Torte is a scrumptious dessert!
Not only that, it is super easy to create, looks fabulous, and is a great whip it up dessert when you only have a few hours to create something 'special' for unexpected guests, or a pot luck dinner party.
 Prepare your trays. Line two with baking paper and draw a 23cm circle on each.
 Use a plate as a guide....
 Measure 150 grams toasted walnuts.
If you don't like walnuts - use macadamias, pecans, or almonds.
Chop roughly.
 Beat four egg whites until thick. Add 1 cup caster sugar and whip till thick and glossy.
Add the chopped nuts and whip until combined.
 Place evenly between the two trays inside the circles.  Spread out.
 Bake for 1 hour in a slow oven.  
100-120 depending on the heat of your oven.
Remove and cool.
 Purée 1 cup of  tinned peaches in a blender. 
Beat 500ml cream with 1 tablespoon icing sugar until thick.  
Add the peach purée and combine.
Sandwich the two meringue circles together with the cream.
 Put more peach cream on top,
Decorate with more tinned peaches.
 Sprinkle with half a cup of finely chopped walnuts....
Chill for an hour and serve cut in wedges.
Click here for the printable recipe:
Walnut Peach Meringue Torte

13 July 2015

Funky Upcycled Jersey Cushion...

An old jersey upcycle...
into cushion cover!

Don't you love those gorgeous Aran jerseys...
I found this one at the goodwill shop.
Looking a bit sad - as it was a little grubby, and very out of shape,
it's jersey days long past.
 But once washed, and clean again you can see it's gorgeousness, 
so lovingly hand knitted by someone...
but now it's time for a new life as a cushion cover.
 I unstitched the arms at the seam...
these pieces will be upcycled into boot toppers or leg warmers.
Turn the jersey inside out and place the cushion inner inside.
Pin down each side and across the top (where the jersey neck is).
Remove the inner.
Overlock stitch by machine pinned seams.
Then trim. 
Overlock the cut edge.
You will now have a double overlocked seam.
Stitch across bottom seam leaving an opening. 
 Turn pillow in the right way.
 Fold the cushion inner in half and pop through the hole.
Wiggle to fit into the casing.
Handstitch the hole shut.
Soft, fluffy with a little bit of funky texture. 
And only half an hour to make!

#diy #cushion #upcycle 

9 July 2015

Walnut Ganache Tart...

 Walnut Ganache Tart is perfect for the chocolate and nut lover...
Add a little Kahlua to the combination and it becomes a DREAM!
 With a home made nutty sweet butter pastry...
 Once baked and cooled, filled  with a chocolate ganache that has a hint of coffee liqueur and crunchy toasted walnuts in it...
 Top it off with a sweet kahlua - coffee-flavoured liqueur cream....
and refrigerate for a few hours.
 emmmmmm.....TART LOVE!
Who would like a slice?
Head over here for the printable recipe:

#ganache #walnut #tart #dessert

8 July 2015

Have you ever seen the flower of the vanilla bean?

If you have never seen the flower of the vanilla bean, this is it!
Beautiful, orchid like, and oh what a fabulous perfume...
The plant is vine like.
I snapped this variety of vanilla while visiting the island nation of Niue.

5 July 2015

Distressed Stamped Décor Pots...

Distressed with white paint, and stamped with cute pictures,
these DIY décor pots, are fabulous for holding bits and bobs.
Or make some for gifts.
 You will need terracotta pots.
I used small sized ones.
All you do is dry brush the pots with white paint.
Dry brushing gives an instant distressed look.
 Use a back and forth motion to brush the paint on.
This brush is really soft and fluffy.
 You can see here that there is not a lot of paint on the brush.
Build up your layers of paint colour until it's to your liking.
Leave to dry.
 Stamping pots is a little bit tricky...
Choose an image that is not too large. Press stamp into black ink.
Make sure the stamp is evenly covered with the ink.
 Roll the stamp as you press it to the shape of the pot.
Practice on a bit of paper that you are holding onto the pot first if you haven't done this before. 
You roll the stamp from the side of the image to the middle and then to the other side while following the curve of the pot using a firm pressure.
Remember - You only get ONE chance to get it right!
 Let ink dry,
then seal pot with a clear coat spray sealer.
Just what I need in the art studio to hold all those bits and pieces.
And so very pretty too!

#distressed #diy #paintedpots #stamping

2 July 2015

Pumpkin & Maple Ice-cream...

 Are you a PUMPKIN lover?
Then this ice-cream is just for YOU!
Because it is PUMPKIN ice-cream!
I kid you not.  
I found a 1980's cook book (Australian Women's Weekly Delicious Desserts) with this recipe in it. 
 And initially thought - really???
But then curiosity ruled and I just had to make it.
Perhaps because the second flavour in this ice-cream was maple may have helped with that decision.
It's a simple recipe to make.
Egg yolks, sugar, thickened cream, pumpkin, maple syrup and nutmeg
 Whip the egg yolks and sugar until super pale, thick and fluffy...
Add the maple syrup, nutmeg and cold mashed pumpkin. 
 Mix, then beat in the thick cream.
 Pour into a container, and freeze overnight.
 The next day, remove ice-cream from the freezer and let sit for a while to soften. 
Then rough it with a fork.
 Put it back in the electric mixer bowl and on a slow speed, beat until creamy.
To serve:
Remove icecream from freezer.
Let sit for a while to soften a little.
Use an ice-cream scoop dipped in hot water to make balls. 
 Pour over lashings (because drizzle is just not my thing!)
of quality maple syrup.
 Serve with peaches or mangos if desired.
 These violets are from Mia Bella Gardens...
 Such a cute wee old fashioned flower, don't you think?
 And a perfect accent colour to the pumpkin coloured ice-cream!
Pop over here for the recipe:

The verdict from the taste testers was:
3 = YUM (pumpkin lovers)
2 = NOT (non pumpkin lovers)

It is a very rich ice-cream,
  so one scoop with fruit and lashings of maple syrup is suggested...
with the left over egg whites you could:
 Make meringue kisses...
Here's how:


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