14 June 2015

Potted Fresh Herbs In The Kitchen....

Do you have space for a kitchen herb garden...on your bench top?
 This awkward corner space in the Mia Bella kitchen is a perfect spot...
for potted thyme, oregano, parsley and chives.
 With lovely bright morning sun, the pots are happy to stay in place for the entire summer.
 Add a jug of hydroponic lettuces (roots intact and sitting in water)...
for fresh picked lettuce for the sandwiches.
Add a vase of pretty blooms...
 Like these crisp white paper whites, with their glorious scent!
 And you have a beautiful kitchen vignette.
During the winter months as it is now in New Zealand, 
 the growth of the plants has slowed
and the pots need a little time in the sunshine outdoors.
Southern Hemisphere temperatures mean you can pop them outside for a week,'
then bring them in again.
(I do this 2 or 3 times over the winter, especially when we have a rainy weather week.)
I've had my kitchen herb garden on the bench top for over a year now...
and I LOVE the convenience, and the look of it!

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