5 May 2016

Meringue Coffee Terrine...

Meringue Coffee Terrine...
Is a simple dessert that is an absolute picture to look at!
As well as being insanely good to eat.
It's really easy to whip up, a little more fiddly to put together, but oh so worth it!
Bake the meringue.
Cut into three pieces.
Layer coffee cream and the meringue into a baking paper lined loaf pan.
Chill for at least four hours.
Remove from pan. Slice and serve on a platter.
I teamed the terrine with canned meringues, and that was a perfect taste combination.

Served with coffee at the end of a dinner party, 
your guests will be impressed!

Meringue Coffee Terrine,
a must try treat for the coffee lover or to serve at your next party.

You'll find the recipe HERE.

#meringue #coffee #desserts #terrine

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