23 October 2016

Step By Step Seascape Pallet Painting Tutorial...

Today's blog post is photographically big!
It was the only way to show 'step by step'
 how to create a DIY Seascape Pallet Painting.
I'm hoping to bring out your inner artist!
These paintings are fab to gift or keep.
You can hang them outdoors on your porch or by your pool.

So grab your coffee or tea and bikkies....
here is how to do it:
 Dismantle a small pallet.
(Ella cat thought she would help out!)

You will need four pieces of pallet wood.

 The size of this is:
36cm x 75cm
(that's about 14 inches by 30 inches to you folk in the USA)
Cut two small pieces to use as a backer, 
nail to hold the wood panels in place.

 On top of the two backers nail a large staple into each.
 (to add wire later, to use as a hanger.)
Then paint the front of your pallet boards a neutral or white colour.

You will need a flat edge square brush.
A finer tip brush.
A plate for a palette.
And artists acrylic paints.
(colours used are listed at the bottom of this post.)

 Paint a strip of sky at the top of the pallet canvas.
Then below it, a horizon line.

Water the paint down to get a gradual layering effect. 

 Next add a wave line...
Drag the brush from left to right on its sharp edge.
This leaves gaps of white undercoat exposed.

 Then use white paint and dab on the waves.
Blend the blue into the white.
Add a sharp white edge using dabbing for the foam of the wave.

 Add some darker blues and contrasts using the edge of the brush....

 Now add a sand line to the beach.

I haven't totally cleaned the blue off the brush,
and the orange and white paint is not mixed, 
as I want the mixing to happen on the board.

You can see here by not cleaning the brush properly 
some of the aqua colour washes through.

The brush is now washed, 
and the bottom layer of the beach is painted white.
Then drag a little aqua through the white.
I can see my horizon line is super wonky.
So I straightened it up.

Blend the orange layer into the white layer to soften it.

 In the front corner there will be a few grasses...
So paint a few darker lines and shade with a little blue.

 Use a fine brush for painting the grasses.

 Using quick upward paint strokes for the grass lines.
Use several colours.
Don't try to be perfect - 
the wood is rough so the lines will be imperfect!

 Using the bigger square brush, add the clouds to the sky...
Use watered down white paint,
and a spiral or circular brush stroke.

 Layer bright white thicker paint on the outer cloud edges.
Add some blues...
Have fun!

Leave to dry.
Then Seal with clear non yellowing outdoor sealer.
Attach a wire hanger to the back staples and hang.

The acrylic paints I used used were:
Cerulean blue for the sky.
French Ultramarine for the horizon.
Phthalo Turquoise for the sea.
Jaune Brilliant for the sand.
Burnt sienna for the grasses.
White for the Sea Foam, Clouds and mixing.
Phthalo Turquoise and Burnt Sienna mixed makes a darker brown for the grasses.

My mixing palette is an old plate.  

I hope that I have DIY'd Seascape inspired ya all!

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