29 September 2017

Driftwood Ghost Halloween Banner....

The Halloween sideboard display is coming together nicely...
But I needed a banner for the background wall.
Just something small but a little spooky.
So I went to the beach and collected some flat ghost shaped pieces of driftwood.

Then got out my trusty chalk paint ...

 and gave the fronts a coat of white.

Next some ghostly eyes and mouth using a permanent marker pen.
I'm not sure these are very spooky as they are kinda cute!

To make the banner I hot glued the backside of the driftwood pieces along the string.

And hung it up.

How easy to create.
And a fun activity to do with the kids pre-Halloween.

#halloween #craft #driftwood #ghosts


  1. Very Very Cute Tracy and a great Idea with the driftwood pieces Michele Michels from Coastal Boeheim would love this ... Fun


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