22 September 2017

Halloween 'Goodie' Jars - upcycled of course! ❥

I'm sure you must have some jars or glass containers hiding away in the back of the cupboard.

Just like the ones that were upcycled into these fab 'Goodie' jars for halloween.

These jars were part of my endless AQUA collection,
and they were destined for the goodwill store.
But then I came up with this cool idea to 'Halloween' them to use on my 'Halloween' sideboard vignette.

All I did was spray the glass jars with bright orange paint.
I let the paint drip down in places for effect.

And then I let them dry for a week...
Don't they look pretty?

 The next step was to make a label.
I used dollar store gift tag labels.

 Then painted them black on both sides.

 I'm not the best calligrapher so wanted an easy option for writing.
That was stick on letters in gold.

 I chose the words 'Boo' and 'Treat'...

Here are the jars all finished and ready to fill with treats.
Call back soon for the next creation I'll be making for the "Halloween' display.

#spraypaint #upcycling #orange #jars #makeover #diy #Halloween


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