15 September 2017

The Chalk Paint and Chair Binge...

This posts title says it all really...
I have been bingeing on chalk paint.
Nothing is safe.
I see many items of furniture in my abode that could have a makeover...
So this week has been all about chalk paint and chairs.
These old oak chairs (there are three!) have had their time on the covered porch.
Now it is time to upcycle them..
and rejuvenate them...
Ready for new purposes.

So Chair number one was painted in Annie sloane chalk paint - Paris Grey.

It was left two days to dry.

 Then waxed with soft wax.

The seat was re-padded and give a new cover of blue grey and white toned stripes.

 I ran the fabric stripe horizontally to give more impact against the chair back risers that go vertically.

 I'm thinking this looks pretty darn cute!

 Gracie does too!

Chair number one = my new office desk chair.

 Chair number two and three were first painted in Annie Sloane - Pure White chalk paint.
Then a second coat applied of Paris Grey.
The white undercoat pops through the grey in various places.

The seat was recovered in a grey and black butterfly light upholstery fabric.

These two chairs will be for a breakfast table.
I can't show the table yet...
as I am still hunting for the right one to upcycle.
There is so much joy in making old fab again!

#chalkpaint #upcycling #chair #makeover #diy 


  1. Wow! They don't just look "like new", they actually look better than new :-) Sharing this!

  2. Love it! I re-did the fabric on my dining room chairs recently, and it was so fun to have a transformation.

  3. All 3 chairs look fantastic. The new paint and fabric is such a nice update.

    1. Thanks Debra - I was thrilled how they turned out.


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