3 January 2017

What You Chose - Most Popular - Craft & DIY...

The upcycled rake head bird or butterfly feeder was top of the 2016 Craft & DIY list.
It was a super simple DIY that you folk LOVED.
And then there actually was a whole heap of banter and debate regarding its safety.
(I kid you not!)
Some thought those spiky tips on the rake were dangerous.
But I am not about to jump over a fence, and the Mia Bella Passions cats are so used to all the feeders in the garden,
plus they are so well fed, fat and lazy it really wasn't a bother to them.
So you will be pleased to know no one got impaled!
Find out how to make one HERE.

Number two in popularity was this uptake on an old fashioned macrame pot plant hanger.
It brought out a whole lot of nostalgia in y'all!
Find out how to create one HERE.

Next on the list is:
The 'On A Wire' Hanging Frames.
I loved how some added suggestions to this creation like: 
Decorating the picture hook hanger that the wires are hung with, with beads,
 or paint the hook in a contrasting colour.
Instructions on making one are HERE.

So those were the top three most popular DIY's for 2016...
I can't wait to share more creations with you this coming year.

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