15 March 2017

DIY Memo Clip it Board...

Use an old canvas to create a super cute memo board.

All you do is:
Paint over the image if you are using an old canvas as I have done. 
This is a 50x50cm canvas.

Leave to dry.

Glue (modpodge) decoupage paper... 

In your choice of design, onto canvas.

When dry, attach a hanging cord on back with a staple gun.

 Cut heart shapes from note paper.

 I just freehand drew a heart, 
but there are loads on the net to print a free template.

 Staple three lengths of string evenly spaced onto board.

 Use 'Dollar store' clips...

 To attach the little heart memo papers to the string lines.
Then clip on a pen. 

Hang in a place where you can see at a glance... 

Your reminder memos for the upcoming week...

Don't ya all think it's super cute to look at too!

#diy #repurposed #craft #memoboard #clipboard 

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