28 August 2018

Pure Mandarin & Honey Jelly Lollies... ❥

Jelly Lollies
If you're looking for a healthier Halloween, party or everyday treat,
then these easy to make jelly lollies are the answer!

These are made with pure freshly picked and then squeezed mandarin juice.
I've also made the jelly lollies with orange juice.

 You need 2 cups of fresh juice.
Strain the juice in a sieve to remove pips and bits.
Place one cup into a small pot with 4 tablespoons honey.
Make sure the honey is a mild flavour like clover,
as if you use a strong honey it will overpower the citrus flavour.

 In a small bowl, sprinkle over the top of the other 1 cup of the juice 6 Tablespoons of unflavoured gelatin powder.

 Let the juice slowly soak up the gelatin at it's own pace.  DO NOT STIR IT.
This process is called 'bloom'.

Bring the reminder of juice and honey in the pot to a medium heat .
Add the bloomed gelatin mixture.
Stir with a whisk until dissolved.
Set aside to cool.

 You will need small silicon molds.

Place the cooled juice mixture in a small jug lots to pour into the molds.
(These are great fun for the kids to make!)

 Place on trays in the fridge overnight to set.

Remove from the molds.

 The pure mandarin and honey jelly lollies keep well in a covered plastic container in the fridge.  And they don't stick together.

I'll be making these in Halloween molds for sure,
as they are a huge hit with jelly lolly lovers...
with the bonus they are pretty to look at, yum to eat, as well as healthy!

Printable recipe is HERE.

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