3 December 2018

Beach Inspired Christmas Tree With Driftwood...

The colour theme was for Mia Bella Passions Christmas tree this year is green and white tones with wood.
I decided a beach theme would be fabulous as I live right by the sea.

I made mini starfish ornaments by hot glueing a string hanger onto each one.

The tree decorating began with the lights, then the rope, which was wound around the tree.

 I wanted to add some flowers to the tree too,  
so the perfect creamy white faux hydrangeas were poked into the tree.
The stems are long but blend into the foliage.
The white toned and sea green baubles were hung next.

A laser cut wood Christmas star placed on the tree top.
And at the bottom, some raw sacking was placed to cover the tree stand.

The driftwood was collected off my local beach.

Washed and dried before adding the final beachy touch to the tree base.

For the coffee table, I placed a premade wreath and added some battery powered mini greet Christmas tree lights.
(oh look - a pop of red has snuck into the colour scheme!)

This looks fabulous at nighttime!
In the centre of the wreath, I popped a glass contained Ecoya Pine scented candle.
These candles are amazing, and the scent is true pine!
Perfect hint of the real thing if you opt for the artificial tree.

Where I got things:

Fir tree from Kmart.
Baubles from Kmart.
Starfish from Amazon.
Hydrangea flowers from Spotlight (on sale).
Rope from Bunnings.
Woodstar - a free gift from Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Table Wreath:
Wreath from Bed Bath & Beyond (50% sale)
Mini Green Tree Lights from Farmers
Ecoya pine scented candle from Farmers

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