21 August 2019

Steampunk Wind Chime...❥

Old spoon love...
that's a bit of a thing for me.
I find these timeworn treasures at the Thrift Store.
And even though they are tarnished and worn there is a certain beauty about them.
But what to do with them?
Why not create a cute wind chime that has a definite steampunk style?

For this simple project you will need:

6 old silver teaspoons
a wide metal filagree bangle 
(the one I used was 25 centimetre diameter).
thin wire
tape measure
a pencil

1/.  Cut 6 lengths of wire at about 46 centimetres long.  

2/.  Twist the wire tightly around each spoon handle.

3/.  Attach each wired spoon to bangle at approximately every 3.5 to 4 centimetres.
Use a chair to help hold the bangle while you attach the spoons.

4/.  Cut another wire to make a handle.
Use a pencil to add spiral details as shown.
Attach by twisting wire to opposite sides of the bangle.

5/.  Hang and enjoy the beautiful sounds it creates.

#diy #diywindchimes #spoonwindchimes

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