26 January 2019

Upstyled Stenciled Door Stopper...

Upstyle a doorstop!
I'm all about embellishing everything at the moment.
Embellishing things is a super way of making a purchased item YOU.
And this is what happened when I found this funky doorstop.
This was just twelve dollars at the K.Mart store.
I tell you what - K.Mart is the best!
It's affordable. 
Which means you can change up the decor without spending a fortune.
(now that's totally my own personal opinion...so let's get back to the door stop).

It is kinda modern French style, 
the fabric is Linen type.
It's plain.
Apart from the foil bottom.
What could I add to it?
A stencil pattern of course!

The stencil I used is a simple flower design by Semco.
I sourced this via Spotlight NZ Online.

I used fabric paint markers to print the stencil onto the doorstop.

I taped the stencil firmly in place.

 I coloured in the outside edge first, then filled the petal with colour.

stencilling fabric
Then Coloured in the middle black.

I could have left it as is but added black shading.
The flower design now stands out more.

I'm really happy with my stencil design on my upstyled doorstop.
And of course, it's doing the job it was made for...
keeping the door open in the summer breeze.

#upstyled  #stencilling #stencils  #diy

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