2 April 2021

Bird Bath Upcycle.


An old Birdbath has been in Mia Bella Passions gardens for many many moons.

It's made of concrete, and I have always enjoyed it.

It once contained water for the birdlife in the garden to quench their thirst or bathe in.

But as time wore on the heavy concrete bowl developed some cracks, it would not contain the water anymore.

I thought about endeavouring to create a colourful mosaic repair on the inside of the bowl, but saw this planting idea in a home and garden magazine and thought 'AHA' I can do that.


So I did!

The succulents were baby plants from another area of the garden.

Potted Succulents

All I needed to do (as it already had some cracks for drainage was fill the birdbath bowl with potting mix, and plant the succulents straight into it.

Potted Succulents

It was not long before the succulents multiplied.

It looks fabulous!

Visitors to the garden comment on its intriguing style.

So if you have an old birdbath tucked into the back of a garden bed, or one you'd like to simply upcycle, a fun succulent top might be what it needs! 

Potted Succulents

The succulent variety I have used is called echeveria elegans.

Potted Succulents

  I also have succulents planted around the base of a magnolia tree.

They really are such easy-care plants as long as you protect them from very cold temperatures (frost and snow).


They are also very easy to propagate from a leaf or baby plant runner.

All you do is pinch a leaf or the mini baby plant and place it into the potting mix.

The baby plant is the quickest method to grow more plants quickly.

Succulent print

This print image is available at Fine Art America - you'll find it HERE on the art print page.

(There are 9 versions to choose from).

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9 March 2021

Tropical Bedroom Makeover Details...

Mia Bella Passions Blog

I am absolutely loving this guest room makeover.

Bedroom Makeover Before

What a transformation!

From how it was before!

Many have messaged me for more details regarding the linen and accessories.

So here are the deets:

Mocka Furniture
Bedside Table from Mocka

Basket from Mocka

Throw blanket from Ezibuy Home

Bedside Lamps from Redcurrent.
Succulent in pot - Pickle Plant
Pottery Fish (Bought 30 years ago from an Auckland Gallery).

Photowall Sweden
Canvas print from Photowall Sweden

Mia Bell Passions Blog

White Linen European pillowcases - Redcurrent

Green Linen cushion - Adairs

Tray - Spotlight

Body Brush, towel, pink cushion, soap - all from Briscoes

Candle - Blood Orange from Ecoya

Turkish Cotton Waffle Blanket in Snow - Adairs

Duvet NZ
Emerald Stripe Urban Loft Duvet - Briscoes

Mia Bella Passions Blog
DIY Tropical Themed Wood Art Blocks

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1 March 2021

Goodbye Aqua Overload- Hello Tropical!

until June 21st 2021
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at checkout!

Guest Bedroom Makeover

 All those that follow Mia Bella Passion blog know

all about my love for the colour aqua.

And love, love, love it I do.

It's been an out of control type of love affair!

But it was time for a change.

Aqua everything in my home decor has been in overload mode for years.

And the time to change it up a bit for something new had come.

So when Photowall Sweden approached me to write about and style a product on their behalf, I grabbed the chance.

Photowall Sweden offers wonderfully superb wallpaper, wall mural, plus poster and print choices on canvas or framed.

The selection of images is massively vast.

Or if you prefer you can even create your own masterpiece.

They will print it just for you.

My guestroom window outlook is toward a covered deck.

The colours in this deck space are bright and fun with a tropical aspect.

So this was the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to the aqua overload and hello to tropical!

Guest Bedroom Makeover

I chose a gorgeous monstera deliciosa image.

 I honestly spent hours looking at all their images and it was very hard to make a choice!

Deliciosa brings the word delicious to mind as a descriptive word for their selection.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

And it seriously is!

Mia Bella Passions Blog

 The monstera deliciosa selected also has a fan palm sister in the same colour form. (Just in case you want to do side by side pictures).

Guest Bedroom Makeover

But I wanted a single statement canvas wall art piece, so the size of this print is big.

90cm x 120cm.

(The one thing I love about Photowall is the fact you can select the size you want).

Order placed, I waited for it to arrive.

And within 7 days it had left Sweden and arrived in New Zealand at my door.

(That's pretty amazing considering Covid 19 situations have played havoc with shipping and mail services!)


The print to frame DIY happened.

Photowall Sweden
There's a YouTube instructional if you need to visually see the DIY framing process.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

It was installed on the wall.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

The new bedding, bedside tables and decor accessories 

Guest Bedroom Makeover

put in place.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

How cute is this pop of lime?

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Oh, Hello Tropical.

With a teeny hint of Aqua.

(OK I admit I had 'letting go' issues to say goodbye completely)

You are funky.



And meld into the deck scape view perfectly.


I think...I love you.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Visit Photowall Sweden here

Mia Bella Passions Blog

Guest Bedroom Makeover

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