Cheesy Crunch Balls

Cheese Balls 
Yum, delicious, and scrumptious!

A truthful description of these Cheesy Crunch Balls!

Pringles Chip Recipes

Especially if you are a fan of tasty Pringles Chips!

Easy to make.

And as you all know I love easy-to-make recipes.

In fact, at a recent visit to my Mamas in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand she produced an old recipe book full of them.

Watch out for future foodie posts here on Mia Bella Passions.

But let's get back to the Cheesy Crunch Balls...

But I have to be honest - I feel that I did make them a bit too big.

So if you want one bite-size, do make them smaller.

Cheese Balls

You Need:

250 grams (9 oz) of Cream Cheese

1 cup of grated Gouda cheese

1 Tablespoon of sour cream

1 teaspoon of finely chopped basil 

1/2 teaspoon of finely chopped rosemary

245-gram can of sour cream and onion Pringles chips

(can be substituted for another brand if you wish but make sure they are thin-style chips)  

To Make:

Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls

In a bowl place the cream cheese, grated cheese, sour cream and chopped herbs.

Mix together.

Cheese Balls

Add 1 cup of crushed chips.

Mix again.

With clean hands make them into balls.

Roll in the remaining crushed chips.

This makes 12 large balls.

(though next time I will make smaller bite-sized balls as I think that would be better  :) )

Place on a plate and place a cocktail skewer through the ball.

Chill for half an hour before serving.

Cheese Balls

Chips and dip in a ball.

Cheese Balls

What's not to love about these?

Cheese Balls

Printable recipe HERE.

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Buddha Quote

Buddha Quotes

A new seascape photographic quote for you.

Featuring the words of Buddha.

You think you have time.

But time seems to fly by.

And once it's gone, those precious moments of time that have passed will never return.

So live now.

Take the job.

Go on the trip.

Do that course.

Learn something new you have always dreamed you would do.

Love like you have never loved.

Don't let time pass you by.

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The Beautiful Magnolia - Felix Jury

Felix Jury is an award-winning magnolia bred by New Zealand plantsman Mark Jury.
It truly is the most spectacular Spring small flowering tree.
And once planted will bloom at a young age.
In maturity, Felix Jury magnolia will treat you seasonally with hundreds of flowers on the compact tree.

You can depend on this beauty to perform year after year with very little care from you.

So if we bullet point information here's what you get:

*The flowers are highly fragrant and measure up to 30 centimetres in diameter.
*The foliage is an attractive lighter green colour.
*The flower is a gorgeous hot pink colour.
*You'll only need to prune it in early training.
*Felix Jury magnolia will grow in most climates.
*It's an ideal small tree for the garden as it only grows 4.5 metres high by 2.5 metres wide.
*Hardiness: Hardy.
*Planting season: Winter.
*Planting location: Full sun.
*Planting position: Moist
*Feeding: Slow-release fertilizer in Spring.

Felix Jury Magnolia is an excellent landscape tree because of its form and large colourful flowers.
At Mia Bella Homestead my tree often had second flowers appear once the leaves appeared.
Many people visiting the garden commented on its serene beauty.





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