8 November 2016

DIY Jar Of Roses Bookend...

DIY Bookend
This DIY 'Jar Of Roses'  Bookend is super simple to make...

And the perfect solution to the 'book slide' shelf problem.

 You will need some artificial roses in the colour of your choice.
I chose pink because the moth artwork on the shelf above has pink in it.

 You will need a jar.
I used a square storage jar from Briscoes.
It is a 946ml one and really heavy.
They are $19.99 full price, but I waited until they were on sale and of course got a bargain.  :)

                     Arabella (The Mia Bella Passions Blog creation inspector) had to approve!
 You may proceed!

 Next I found some old brooches and bits.

 And placed one bling pretty in the front panel of the jar.
To hide the plastic seal on the lid, 
I tied a pink gauze ribbon into a small bow.

 The weight of the jar holds the books upright.
Hooray - no more book slide!
The 'Jar Of Roses' Bookend looks super pretty too...
pink and bling - what more could a girl want?


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