26 November 2018

DIY Pet Reindeer...

Remember when pet rocks were the rage?

Reindeer Crafts
These pet reindeer are a little larger in size than previous pet rocks,
 but the kids will love to make them.
It's a super fun and easy Christmas paint craft project.

All you do is:
Select an oval or round flat type rock.

Paint one side or both with white paint.
(I used an artist type acrylic paint)
Leave to dry.
Or dry quicker using a hairdryer.
Using a thin brush, paint on eyes in black.
A red nose.
And baubles in coloured paint hung on the antlers.

Painted Rocks
I did this project with two five-year-olds.
So once the white paint was dry, I used a soft lead pencil to draw the eyes, nose, antlers and baubles on to the rock.
They then simply painted it.

Reindeer Crafts
Pet reindeer...
to place on the coffee table Christmas display, 
use as a paperweight, to give to someone special as a handmade gift,
or be part of your Christmas decor.

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20 November 2018

Five Fabulous Christmas Foodie Treats...

This week, Mia Bella Passions is sharing our most popular 
and favourite Christmas sweet treats...
There's Bailey's homemade ice cream cake, a wreath inspired chocolate treat using TimTams,  Gingerbread cupcakes, 
a classic vintage Christmas cake and an arty creative white chocolate Tim Tam biscuit Present!

Christmas Baking
Homemade Icecream Wreath with Baileys...
so pretty and so delicious!

Christmas Baking
How super Christmasy is this Tim Tam chocolate Biscuit Wreath?
Step by step photographic instructions on how to create are a link click away -

Christmas Baking
Christmas cute ginger cupcakes with ginger butter icing,
 and a gingerbread mistletoe leaf biscuit topper. 
Leftover biscuit mix also makes coffee dipping cookies!

Christmas Baking
Christmas cake that has a self-deciding fruit content!  
This recipe is was gifted to my mother in 1969!

Christmas Baking
And lastly, there is the stunning white chocolate Tim Tam Christmas Pressie.
A bit of fun for the arty Chrsitmas cook!

Christmas creative baking is so joyful, 
especially when you make, create and bake with family, and friends.

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17 November 2018

Petunia Love...

 A new release petunia.

 Petunia Night Sky has the darkest blue-purple flowers that are speckled with white spots that resemble a stellar night sky!

As soon as I walked through Mitre 10's Garden Centre doors - it grabbed me...
For the flowers are spectacular!

I am planting mine in a large white plastic pot.

($15 each from KMart!)
I'm going to plant two pots the same.

I'm also adding cascade lobelias in a mix of blues, pinks and whites as companion plants.

The lobelias will drape down the sides of the pot.

Petunia Night Sky has a mounding, trailing habit which means it is also good for garden beds and hanging planters.

The height it grows to is 25 to 40cm high.
It requires full sun, regular watering and fertilizing for the best flowering results.

Petunia Night Sky

Newly planted, and I can't wait for the fabulous show of flowers to come.

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6 November 2018

Three Popular DIY Christmas Crafts To Make now... ❥

Here are three EASY Christmas craft ideas to start the Christmas preparation...

 Berry Button Gift Cards...
see the tutorial HERE.

 Make a beautiful Snowy Luminary...
or a row of them for your mantel, hearth or porch steps. 
Find out how HERE.

cute christmas birds
Or make a flock of Little Christmas Birds...
Tutorial HERE.


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