18 March 2013

Afternoon tea...

A friend was coming over for afternoon tea, 
so I decided to get out my Grandmothers tea set, 
and do afternoon tea 'pretty'!
Now our area is in the midst of a drought...
so flowers are not at their best in Mia Bella Gardens at the moment, 
but I found a few beautiful roses.
Then on my wanderings around the garden was one lonely sunflower 
with sprays of soft yellow flowers. 
This must of been a self-seeded one from last summer.
And thank goodness for that because it was a perfect colour match for my tea table.
 Add a French look runner, white vase, candles 
and a little dish of frangipani flowers and it was just perfect.
 I love these sunflowers...
Heart shaped buttery shortbread...
And cucumber sandwiches for a perfect afternoon tea party... 
This variety of sunflower is called 'Vanilla Ice',
 they are perfect for picking, 
and they last so well in a vase...
If you are in New Zealand, you can get these from Kings seeds...
 It only took about 15 minutes to throw this look together...
plus extra time for food preparation of course!
 Grandma's tea set - this is Colclough china, 
but has no pattern name on it.
 I'm not a huge fan of the colour yellow actually, 
but I really like this table setting.
And these candle holders are crystal sherry glasses 
that I found for a mere $2 each at the op shop.
Just pop in a tea light candle,  
and you have a gorgeous candle holder.

Why don't you invite a friend over for a 'pretty' afternoon tea?
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