29 March 2015

The Lavender Bedroom...

The next room to reveal in the house tour is the Lavender bedroom.

This room was painted lavender many years ago, and even though it is brighter than what I like in interior colours now, I just haven't been able to change it!

It is a peaceful and pretty room...

And in it as in every room in the house,
there is art in many forms.

Here you will find a whole lot of shabby, a little French, 
and a whole lot of me!

This shabby trinket box was a $5 op shop find.

The lamp is a more contemporary, but I love the glass globes and metal on it.
This was a mere $30 in a Briscoes 60% off sale!

There is a DIY  padded fabric headboard.
The fabric is the same as the Roman blind on the window.

The duvet is French themed in lavender and white, and the pillow slips have beautiful lace edging.

Ya all know how much I adore aqua,
so it is no surprise that this colour is an accent colour for the lavender bedroom!

Pops of aqua everywhere!

On the side of the shelf is a metal heart holder...
for photos, memories, and messages.

The furniture is reminiscent of the French Country look...
Painted in shades of white.

Here's a close up of some  of the collectables on the shelf,
and a vintage aqua vase that was a gift from a very special friend.

The shabby aqua birdcage
and gorgeous pastel coloured crystals.

A tiara and more crystals.

I'm a Bling lover - what more can I say!

A hand crafted stamped canvas...
instructions on how to create this here:

More bling...

A very old Japanese vase...

A heart collection, more art, and more sparkly, shiny things!
Plus an old oak chair that has been painted white, 
and had the seat recovered in a purple floral fabric.

I'm quite fond of hearts...

And metal...

But then I'm quite fond of so many things.

Oh be still my beating heart!
There's more BLING!

The handcrafted heart was the first hand stitched pretty I have ever made.

And my friends certainly know what to gift me...
This heart is made of tin and handpainted.

The Lavender Bedroom is one of my favourite rooms...

 Because it is full of my favourite things.

Find out how to create this artwork using  printable graphics here:

 The lavender bedroom...a place to dream.

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