25 February 2017

'This Ole House' - NEW to My Designer Collection.

'This Ole House'

A beautiful pillow in 100%cotton lustre fabric.
It's a perfect accent piece for the rustic farmhouse, minimalist or industrial style decor.

Sorry No longer Available - Sold out.

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23 February 2017

DIY Your Own Tea Cup Candle Holder...

The Tea Cup Candle Holder is the quickest DIY ever.
It takes just five minutes to put together.
And after 24 hours glue drying time is ready to use or gift!

Take one pretty teacup...
I used a Maxwell and Williams cup and saucer set,
from Farmers purchased for $7.50 at half price. 
But you can use vintage cups and saucers matched or mismatched for a more delicate pretty look.

 You'll also need a ball candle.
This one was just $2 from Briscoes sale.

 Using a ceramic or bonds anything glue,
put a large dollop on the base of the cup.

Centre the saucer onto the upturned cup and glue. 

 Leave 24 hours for glue to dry.
Then place the ball candle on the saucer.

 How quirky is that?
Plus that saucer catches all the wax drips.

Light and enjoy 
gift to someone else.

#diy #candleholder #craft 

16 February 2017

Easy Decor Flower Bowl...

Don't you just love  fresh flowers in the home decor?
Flowers, flowers everywhere - 
that's my motto.

And the easiest way to put a pop of flowers into the decor is by creating a bowl of floating flowers.

Just use flower heads with a short stem.
Out of the garden today I have picked:
Roses, and dahlias.

Simply put a little water into bowl 
and then place the flower heads as desired.


Decor flower bowls are fabulous for on coffee tables, sideboards,
or on the dining table as a simple floral centrepiece....
and that is exactly where I have placed this one!

#decor #flowerbowl #homedecorating

11 February 2017

What's Been Happening In The Art Studio?

What's been happening?
AQUA has been happening that's what!
From a random squirt of too much oil paint from the tube,
to three pieces of gorgeousness.
This series of paintings may yet become four!
But here is a peek at the three completed works.

New Zealand Artist
'There is no Horizon'

New Zealand Artist
New Zealand Artist

#nzartist #art

8 February 2017

A Perfect Valentine's RED Petunia...

 I just have to introduce ya all to 'Petunia HOT ROD RED' by 'Enrich with Nature Plants'!
What a perfect Valentine red inspired flower.
 Beautiful, bright, RED...

that has an improved resistance to adverse weather!
That's a bonus don't you think?

Grow in full sun. 
Keep moist but not overly wet.

 'Hot Rod Red' Petunia can be grown in the garden bed,
pots, hanging planter baskets or window boxes.

Make an entrance statement with this plant on your porch, or front door entrance.
Incorporate it into your valentine display...
Potted in a dramatic white tin bucket as I have done...
Or bring the plant inside for a short term (2 day's max)
event display.

 'Hot Rod Red' Petunia
  - easy to grow...no problems with disease or bugs,
and loads of the most stunning red flowers...
Mia Bella Passions is in LOVE!

#petunia #gardenplants #floweringplants #redflowers

3 February 2017

Easy Valentines Berry Trifle...

This trifle is the easiest dessert to create in a jiffy.
If you have a busy life, then this is the perfect dessert for Valentines night...

Use: pre a made cream or jam filled rolled sponge roll cake

Pre made custard and a little whipped cream.
Plus fresh berries of your choice.

And an easy to prepare chocolate ganache.
Easy Chocolate Berry Trifle can be alcohol free,
or tipsy it up a little by adding a sprinkle of sherry,
 or chocolate flavoured liqueur to the sponge layers.

All you do is line a glass bowl with slices of sponge.

spread over custard.
Then the berries.

Add a swirl of ganache...

Top with more sponge slices, more whipped cream
and more berries. It's not the prettiest served on the plate,
 but the taste of deliciousness outweighs this by far.
The Chocolate Berry Trifle is a fav in our house,
 and even gets pre-orders as a Birthday dessert!

But I think it is a superb easy fix Valentines dessert too!

Printable recipe HERE.

#trifle #dessert #valentines #chocolate #easydessert

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