11 October 2017

French Map & Cacti Pots...❥

Ok - I admit I really do have 'a thing' for cacti.
Let's blame my Grandad.
He had a vast collection in pots, and as a child I would watch him tend them with so much love!

For this project I painted some small terracotta pots with with chalk paint.
Then left them a day to dry.

Next steps require Mod Podge.
(In new Zealand this is available at most craft outlets.)

And some decoupage paper.
Though you could use fancy serviettes if preferred.
If you use serviettes take of the back layer of paper.

I'm loving this cool map design...

Measure the paper to size, brush wrong side with Mod Podge and manipulate it on to the pot.
You'll need to pleat it to fit the curves.

 Leave to dry.
Once dry seal with a layer of clear sealer that will tolerate outdoor conditions.

 Once sealed - leave to dry for a week.

 Then plant with desired plants using a suitable potting medium.
Which in my case is cacti.
But you could plant an annual flower like a pansy.

I'm planting baby cacti.
But you could plant an annual flower like a pansy.

And don't these sweet French Map pots look fab on this railing top on my covered deck.

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