12 July 2018

❥ Why Not Add Lace?

I seem to be adding embellishments to all sorts of things in my home decor at the moment.
And when I saw this cute little pot for $2 at The Warehouse,
I thought I could make it a little bit more me by adding some lace.
If you have not used modpodge friends then DO try it.
It is so good for gluing and sealing and just has a myriad of craft and diy uses.

For this quick DIY embellishment project
all I needed was: A ceramic container, lace, scissors and some Modpodge.

 The best lace to use is a cotton type.

 If the lace you use has a raw edge, 
use an iron to press it under.

 I'm gluing the lace around the grey edge as this container has a flaw on the white edge.

Glue the lace trim on to the container using the Modpodge.

 Set aside to dry.

Paint a thick layer of Modpodge over the lace. 
 This seals and starches it.

Lace Craft
Now it's a pretty hold all for jewellery in my guest bedroom.

Green bead necklace and earrings from Jewelz By Jodie

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