15 July 2020

Echeveria sp. 'Green Waterlily'...❥

Let me introduce you to this FABULOUS succulent plant.
It is called 'Green Waterlily' and is from the Echeveria species.
I simply adore the shape of this plant.
It resembles a waterlily, hence its name.
This beautiful succulent forms a compact large rosette.
The leaves are mid green with the tips tinged with pink.
It really is a beautiful addition to pots.
And that is exactly what I have done with it...

planted it in a low squat pot...

 for on the summer outdoor table.

The Green Waterlily is a low maintenance plant that tolerates dry conditions.
All you need to do to keep it healthy is a once-yearly fertilise with slow release type fertiliser.
Water only water once the soil is dry.
Keep in a full sun location and protect it from frosts.

And your happy Echeveria will reward you with interesting spikes of flowers in Spring.

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5 July 2020

Like Beautiful Roses...

Life Quotes

Sharing today a new rose quote.

Enjoy and feel free to share.


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2 July 2020

Old Bottle Decor Piece

Bottle Craft
Take an old key.
And an old bottle.
Grab a little rustic twine.
Put it all together and you have a table display piece to add to your vignettes.
There is nothing difficult about this DIY.
Old bottles are thrift shop finds.
You could also use a new bottle in an interesting colour or shape or empty liqueur bottle as they are often stylish designs.

Old Bottle
Old Bottle
Old bottle
All you do is:
Wrap twine around the neck of the bottle of your choice to make a collar.
I have left my bottle drastically dirty as I think it makes it much more interesting.   
But you can use a sparkly clean bottle if you wish.

Old Bottle
Then attach an old key to the string at the neck and knot to secure.

Bottle craft
Place in your decor vignette.


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