29 April 2017

Waffle Cone S'mores...

This brings back many a campfire memory...
marshmallows toasted over the fire...
and s'mores camp style.
 For those who don't know what a s'more is - 
it is a toasted marshmallow squished between graham crackers with chocolate.
The earliest reference to s'mores is 1927 in USA,
 when they are referred to as 'Some Mores' in a book called 'Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts'.
This modern indoor kitchen version of s'mores uses waffle cones and is oven baked.

You'll need marshmallows, waffle cones and chocolate melts in dark or milk.

Banana slices and tinned mango have also been added for a fruity twist.
Once you stuff the cone with all the goodies, you simply wrap each in tinfoil and place on a baking tray into a hot oven.

They are SWEET...
Marshmallow GOOEY...
(Not for the faint hearted, because they are a total sugar overload.)
The kids (big & small) will love them.
So next time you pitch a tent for the kids in the backyard for camp play or an overnight sleepover...

whip up some Waffle Cone Smores too.
You'll find the recipe HERE.

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14 April 2017

PAPERCRAFT: Let's Create A Pretty Bedroom Banner...

 There's nothing prettier than a paper flag banner,
 to pop a whole lot of wow on a wall.
And a banner was the perfect wall decor needed for this bedroom.

Using a basic flag banner template...

The papers were cut to shape.

 The top edge was folded over.
A raw string was cut to required length.

Then using a craft glue the banners were glued at the top fold onto the string.
Then left overnight to dry.

 It was quite hard to choose the papers...
 These are scrapbooking papers.

The final touch was a string of fairy lights added for a little bling.

 The duvet cover and pillow were found at Adairs.

 Don't you just love the huge pom poms on this throw?
(pink throw via Farmers)

You'll find the template for this flag Here.

#banner #papercraft #fairylights

9 April 2017

Robin Egg Blue Outdoor Furniture Upcycle...

The outdoor furniture upcycle was on the 'to do' list for a long time...
And finally it happened!
It is Autumn now, but the little side patio was looking oh so sad.
Plus this wee spot is a perfect coffee hideaway even in winter.  
(Coastal lifestyle means no snow here!)

The old rusty 'past the use by date' table and two chairs were scrubbed down with a wire brush.
Then washed and left to dry.
The paint I used is called 'Rust-oleum'.
A paint and primer in one easy to use sprayer.
This paint is available in New Zealand at Bunnings.
The colour I used is called 'Robins Egg' in matt.

 I'm loving this can design in spray paint. 
Trigger mechanism that's easy to use.
Fab coverage.  
(It took one and a half cans to cover the table and two chairs, so that means extra is available for patch ups in the Spring).

 I painted some old pots white,
 and potted some vibrant shocking pink cyclamen.

What I'd like to make are some round cushions for on the chair seats  - that's next on the list!

 Another cyclamen potted in another painted pot...

 In a white bucket on the step...
shocking pink cosmos.
And sweet pink snapdragons.
 I am totally crushing on the Robin Egg colour!!!

 In the larger pots stock, impatiens, cosmos and snapdragons were planted.
What a amazing transformation of a table set I had all but given up on...
I love you spray paint!
 And the addition of cream and white pots of pink and white flowers just adds to a relaxing beautiful space.
I'm hoping the cosmos has time to seed down before winter arrives.

And the rain overnight left sweet water droplets on my newly planted flowers.
A reminder to stop and enjoy the little things...

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7 April 2017

Imagination is...

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1 April 2017

Special Occasion 'Nutella Cheesecake Slice'...

One way to describe this very special occasion dessert is 'HEAVENLY'.

 The Nutella Cheesecake Slice is nothing but pure decadence...
I have classified it as 'Special Occasion' because it is a little expensive to make.
Oh but so worth it!
Made totally in a food processor - it's super quick to whip up.
Once you have made the base and filling...

 You sprinkle the cheesecake slice with toasted hazelnuts...

 Then for added decadence top with dark chocolate ganache dribbles...

Grate a little (or a lot - you choose)
white chocolate over the top.

 Chill for a few hours... 
Then slice into squares and serve.

 I dare you to only have one slice...
(that's IMPOSSIBLE!)

 That filling is pure Nutella HEAVEN!

 It's nutty, and smooth...

Have I tempted you yet?

You'll find the recipe to print HERE.

#nutella #cheescake #slice #chocolate #dessert #baking #special

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