28 November 2017

Thrift Shop Wood Bowl Makeover... ❥

I love paint  in all of it's glorious forms.
But I particularly like spray paint.
Rust-oleum primer and paint in one can is just the best.
No clog nozzle.
Perfect coverage every time.

 Here I have a dollar find from the thrift store.
Looking a bit sad and much past its best.

 Two coats of spray paint later...
with a wait of 20 minutes between layers.
Turn and paint the inside of the bowl using same procedure.

And once the paint dries this colour - which is Robins Egg
is a wonderful matt finish.
I love it because it is just like a chalk paint patina.

Upcycled gifts are a favourite thing to create...

 And with Christmas coming it's time to think about DIY and homemade gifts...

And I think whoever gets gifted this gorgeous upcycled bowl will adore it!
As it is so pretty and a perfect jewellery keeper.

#upcycling #spraypaint #homemadegifts

25 November 2017

Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutters!

This one is all about peanut butter.
If you are a peanut butter nutter you are going to LOVE this sweet treat.

 All you need is:
A food processor to mix:
375 gram jar of quality salted peanut butter
40 grams of melted butter
and 2 cups of powdered sugar (Icing Sugar)
And that is it...
Mix and then roll into balls.

 Dip into melted dark chocolate using a fork or chocolate dipping prong.
Refrigerate till set, then serve.
I'm still to master the chocolate dipping,
but even a messy attempt ends up delicious!

 You can pop a peanut or a small chocolate into the middle of the peanut ball too...
or just leave them peanut butter nutter plain!
Deliciously yummy no matter what the occasion.
Actually who needs an occasion...
just make, eat and share!

#peanutbutter #sweets #treats #partyfood #eat  #homemade

19 November 2017

KUMERA - The Easiest Pot Plant To Grow! ❥

As I was chopping my kumara (sweet potato) up for dinner,
I was looking at the sprouting ends and thought,
how fun would it be to grow them, just like we did as kids!
Kumera must be the easiest pot plant to grow.
All you need is a sprouting end.

As you can see this one already has some tiny little leaves forming.

 I sat the ends in a little dish of water,
 and placed it on the sunny end of my kitchen bench.

The leaves started greening up,
roots began to grow.

After one week this is what you have.
Lots of leaves and a whole lot more green.
It's time to plant! 

I bought this hanging basket which is 35cm in size from Bunnings.
Fill the basket with potting mix.

 Place the kumara on top of the mix.

 Cover with more  potting mix.

For an extra pop of colour, I planted impatiens in the basket too.

After a week your plant is furling around...

Grow in the summer with or without complementary plants, 
 and you will have a fabulous green twirl of heart shaped leaves.
Eventually the vine type runners will hang down, but do bush up the growth a little by snipping the vine ends once the desired length.
 It will put on a show for the entire summer if watered regularly.

#nzbloggers #sweetpotato #potplant #hangingbaskets #deck #porchdecor

18 November 2017

A New Photographic Quote: Home...

Popping purple with this gorgeous iris photograph...

A new quote for you to use as a screensaver, or print, frame and gift.

#quotes #iris #flowerphotography #spiritualquote

13 November 2017

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pots...

Well these Caramel Cheesecake Pots are an interesting taste for the tastebuds...

Sweet and salty from the salted caramel,
a little tart from the cheesecake middle layer,
and then cinnamon sweet again from the biscuit base.
All together a delicious dessert taste hit.

Full of yummy flavours...
Salted caramel or plain caramel.
You decide.
They may look like a mini morsel...
But believe me this is so rich,
mini is all you will need.
You'll find the recipe to print here.

#saltedcaramel #caramel #cheesecake #dessert #sweettreats #yum

6 November 2017

Gorgeous 'Ocean Beauty' Sheer Wrap...

Today I'm sharing this gorgeous wrap that I have designed.
It's modeled by my equally gorgeous daughter April. 

 This sheer wrap is perfect for all seasons.

Worn with a white cami singlet top in the warm seasons.
And with longer sleeves with extra under layers in the cooler seasons.

This design is taken from my original abstract oil painting called 'Ocean Beauty'.

The wrap fabric is soft and slightly sheer. 
And it flows beautifully.

Ocean Beauty Wraps are made to order,
 and are available via my Vida designer shop HERE.

The fact my daughter loves to wear my designs makes me one very proud happy artistic designer.


#artisticapparel #designerclothing #Fashion #wearart #nzbloggers #newzealsandartist

4 November 2017

DIY Carnation Pom Pom Flowers...

Paper flower craft

Tissue paper carnation pom pom flowers are so easy to make.
And they have a myriad of uses.
You can make a banner with them to decorate your homes decor or porch for celebrations:
pool parties, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers,
weddings, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day....
And probably a whole lot more uses than I have listed here.
So let's get to the nitty gritty of how to create them.

Cut 6 layers of tissue paper into a 11cm by 16cm rectangle.

Concertina 2cm folds (over/under) as shown.

Cut ends to curve as shown.

Tie a string or thin ribbon to make hanger.
Tie loosely not tightly.
If you tie too tight it will make it much harder to pull out and separate the layers.

Pull each end out as if a fan.

Now carefully separate and fluff out each tissue layer.

 You can make the Carnation Pom Pom flowers out of any solid coloured or patterned  tissue paper.

Here I have used the carnation pom pom flowers to make a little banner.

They really are so delicate and pretty...

And here they are used as a Christmas decorations.

#carnation #paperflowers #craft #diy #pompoms

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