30 July 2018

Easy To Make Dainty Pom Poms...❥

These dainty little pom poms are super cute and simple to create.
I've embellished a cushion with one on each corner, but you can decorate anything with these pompoms.

You will need a fork, wool in the colour of your choice, a wool needle, scissors, and whatever item you will be embellishing with the pompoms.

Pom Poms
Simply wind the wool around the fork.
Remember the more wool you use the fatter the pom pom will be.

 Once you have wound the wool around the fork like this,
cut another piece of wool and thread through the middle prong gap.

Pull the wool as tight as you can and knot.
If you don't tie it tight the pom pom will just fall apart.

  Cut up each side of the fork with small sharp scissors.

Pom Poms
Fluff out and trim.
You will want one long string left to sew you pom pom onto the cushion.

Hand stitch your pom poms onto the cushion.
Lola thinks I put these on this cushion just for her to play with I'm sure!

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24 July 2018

Jaffa Cream Chocolates....❥

Jaffa Chocolates
Tempt your taste buds with these delicious Ganache chocolates.
Easy to make.
The perfect quick gift...
just a 'Why Not' treat.

To Make:
Melt over a low heat in a pot:

 225 gram packet of dark chocolate (or melts)

1/3 cup cream

and the juice of 1 fresh orange.
Leave to sit in pot til firm.
you want the mixture to hold it's shape when swirled.

Place in piping bag 

with a Wilton 2D nozzle.
And pipe swirls onto baking paper lined tray or directly into mini cases as I have done.

Place a plain roasted almond on top.  '

Or a sliver of orange rind.

That's it.
Leave in fridge until firm and serve.
These are best kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
To eat: Pop in mouth and enjoy that buttery chocolate sensation.

Jaffa Chocolates
You'll find a printable recipe HERE

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18 July 2018

❥ A New Planter & Orchid...❥

I found the sweetest aqua blue ceramic planter at Mitre 10.
It was only $9.99 with the saucer.
And the best thing about it is the pot actually has a hole for drainage.
I don't know how many cute little pots I have fallen in love with to find there is no drainage hole in them.
So I was very happy with this cutie.  And did I mention its Aqua?
Oh that's right I did.    
And then just as fate would have it...
on my last visit to New World Supermarket, in the plant section there was the most BEAUTIFUL Pink lavender toned phalaenopsis Orchid.

Phalaenopsis orchids are my FAVOURITE.
Especially the larger flowered variety. 
But these do come in a variety of mini forms and colours.
They are now a favourite because I worked out how 'not to' kill them.
My white orchid bowl has three plants in it, and with no would of a lie, it has one month of the year when NOT flowering.
Find out all about the phalaenopsis HERE
and how to plant a bigger bowl.

A phalaenopsis Orchid is also called a Moth orchid because the flowers resemble moths.
And this one is going to live in my new pretty aqua blue pot.

I used a quality orchid potting mix and added some more slow release fertilizer.

Now it's been potted , it will be moved to the indoors.

#growingorchids #phalaenopsis #flowers #potplants

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12 July 2018

❥ Why Not Add Lace?

I seem to be adding embellishments to all sorts of things in my home decor at the moment.
And when I saw this cute little pot for $2 at The Warehouse,
I thought I could make it a little bit more me by adding some lace.
If you have not used modpodge friends then DO try it.
It is so good for gluing and sealing and just has a myriad of craft and diy uses.

For this quick DIY embellishment project
all I needed was: A ceramic container, lace, scissors and some Modpodge.

 The best lace to use is a cotton type.

 If the lace you use has a raw edge, 
use an iron to press it under.

 I'm gluing the lace around the grey edge as this container has a flaw on the white edge.

Glue the lace trim on to the container using the Modpodge.

 Set aside to dry.

Paint a thick layer of Modpodge over the lace. 
 This seals and starches it.

Lace Craft
Now it's a pretty hold all for jewellery in my guest bedroom.

Green bead necklace and earrings from Jewelz By Jodie

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8 July 2018

Cute Heart Winter Handwarmers...❥

Felt Heart
These wee gems are great for keeping the hands warm in Winter.
I made these for my Grandchildren and their mum to help keep their fingers toasty while watching soccer games from the sideline.

All you need is:
Some white beans
A heart template  
 Sewing machine

Cut out the heart template.
 Use this one or a any heart template from the web.

Place on the felt and draw around the outline with the pencil onto the felt.

Cut 2 hearts per hand warmer.

 Stitch in an overlock type stitch with a sewing machine around the heart leaving an opening.

You'll need a bag of white beans to fill the hearts.

Place beans in a small plastic bag and snip corner.

Place snipped corner into the heart and 3/4 fill will beans.

Stitch up the opening using the sewing machine.

To heat:

Place a small cup of water in microwave.
Place heart beside it on the turntable.
Heart for 23 seconds.
(my microwave is 1100w power)
Place into your pocket.

Felt Heart

#felt #craft #handwarmers #diy #sewing

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3 July 2018

Cherry Berry Crumble...❥

What is it about cherries...
Fresh or bottled they are such a delight.
For this warming winter crumble,
I mixed bottled cherries with canned boysenberries.
With the sweet brown sugar cinnamon crumble I have to say it was a perfect flavour match!
And a new dessert favourite.

You will need:
Quick cook oats,
Brown sugar

Place your drained cherries and boysenberries into a baking dish.
Mix the crumble ingredients and place on top of the fruit.
Bake and serve warm with runny cream and icecream.

I'm also all about pudding for breakfast,
and this crumble hits the mark perfectly.
After all - it has fruit and oats.
Fabulous fuel to start the winter day!

Recipe is HERE.

#cherry #blackberry #pudding #crumble #dessert #winter

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